"Happy's Prerolls are a true mood lifter!  No matter how I am feeling, when I take a few tokes I am instantly uplifted and can barely contain the good vibes! (I often dance it off!) Haha! This recipe is definitely one of my top favorite joints of all time! Thank you Happy :)   It's not hard to tell Happys Prerolls are handmade with love! They burn so evenly all the way down! And you know it's top shelf flower when you take a puff before its lit and taste the whole, juicy buds inside. Yumm.   I know sharing is caring but I like my alone time with my Happy Preroll.  It's like a reunion with my higher self every time!"

Jadwiga Rosalia, manager and cannabis consultant at High Tide Collective, Malibu, CA


"I really like Happy Kind coconut oil!  I don't smoke,  so I take a little coconut oil on toast... It makes me feel balanced, like I could go either way with it: focus and get some work done or just relax and figure out stuff in my head... or go out and socialize.  Seems really well rounded.  Whatever would be good for me in the moment I could do."

Chris, mother of two, MFT, San Francisco


"Smooth, no harshness.  Best passing joint because it burns slowly and evenly....  Mood boosting - uplifting but good for people with anxiety because it isn't feeling racy.   Bends to your will - could go to bed or chill and talk.  They are my favorite everyday preroll and my favorite to gift because they're smooth and have an easy high for beginners but strong enough for heavy smokers!  Super fresh smell from being sealed and packaged well.  Fresh, natural, sweet clean taste."

Bailey Butler, cannabis consultant at Grace Medical, Santa Monica, CA


"As a martial artist and active competitor I have been using the Happy Kind oil as a topical - primarily for lower back, neck and shoulder pain and it works great!  Not only has it decreased recovery time between training sessions or fights - it has enhanced my training significantly by providing a full range of movement in those sore spots.  I am completely satisfied and recommend any person with an active lifestyle to give this a try!"

Steve S. (BJJ Black Belt)  


"(Smoking one) was a very "happy" experience with mind-expanding thoughts of creativity and bliss.  My new fave brand.  The taste is reminiscent of some of the best Humboldt sungrown cannabis with flavorful hash & kief I've smoked in my 30 years of smoking cannabis."

Brett Reisner from WeedClub, San Francisco


"Happy, thank you, we just LOVE your love balm!  Really has helped our relationship.  What a great experience!" (big hug)

regular Happy's customer at 420 party, Malibu


"Top shelf.  Smooth.  High vibes."

Samba, cannabis consultant at Marina Caregivers, Marina Del Rey, CA


"a Happy (joint) helps me connect.  I get friendly and social, normally I kind of stick to myself.  But with this, I like to go out.  It's just the right mixture of up and relaxed.  They're great to share."  

Matthew, web designer, Hermosa Beach, CA


"My favorite pre-rolls.  Great flavor with that kief-hash sweetness... and the j's burn even.  I give them as gifts often."

 Sean G. Proctor, manager at Grace Collective, Los Angeles, CA


"The pre-packaged kief is great.  Very handy.  And top-shelf quality. AAA fire."

Mike, customer at Erba Collective, Los Angeles, CA


"I use the Happy coconut oil.  Makes me relaxed but not too lazy.  No paranoia.  Chill and active at the same time.  Works for me. I'd recommended it.  It also helps me sleep." 

Gary, personal trainer, Venice Beach, CA


"Makes the world more beautiful."

regular customer at High Tide Collective, Malibu